School of Musical and Auditory Sensitivity

In my school, you don’t have to learn the technique first to be able to play or sing music. We start immediately! Teaching beginners and advanced musicians does not make much difference – in listening we are all equal.

You may feel a pull towards music but do not have a clear notion of how to approach music in your life. In this case, we experiment with different instruments, including the voice. We explore your natural tendencies and preferences. Many instruments are simple to learn and don’t need a regular discipline.

As a multi-instrumentalist, I teach musicians new pathways. We change habits so musicians can again become at ease in their performance. In exploring the ways in which individuals play they can redefine their sound. Traditionally-trained musicians can learn how to change their priorities from performing to listening. In this they rediscover the freshness of the musical experience.


Kalyan on Musicality

Musicality is an atmosphere, a space, which is natural to everybody. It is the capacity to be receptive, to listen and to be sensitive: sensitive to music, to sounds, to silence – we include everything. Its understanding is immediate. No intellectual process is needed.

Musicality is existential. Musicality is a quality of life. To see life as musical simply means to recognize its fluid, constantly changing essence.

Colours, movements, sounds, feeling – all experiences and aspects of our life have a musical dimension.

Singing is an easy way to access musicality. Our voice is the most intimate instrument we have. Music starts with listening – and making music starts, and ends, with listening.


Singing Celebration
in Laurentians, Quebec
Friday November 25  2023, 7h30pm
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