Wow! Votre musique à toi et ton compère Sambodhi Prem est fabuleuse. Vos mélodies me calment et résonnent partout dans ma demeure. J’ai l’impression que mon professeur de musique joue chez moi. Quelquefois, je prends mon violoncelle et je m’amuse à trouver des sons pour vous accompagner. Quel plaisir!

Joanne, cello student, Québec

Sambodhi Prem, a big and hearty congratulations on your Orchestral and Sonic Triumph of Sound and Soul with your equally gifted colleague Kalyan. You are both genious of creating a sonic tapestry that is masterful. Each of you give us so many voices to listen to and as a cellist I would have to say that Kalyan is a first rate modern jazz and world music cellist…and like you exhibits gifts as a multi instrumentalist. You are both Stunning and Profound. Congratulations!

David Darling, Grammy nominated Composer and Cellist and Founder of Music For People, USA

‘Cello Circles’ is a breath of fresh air. Now and again we find an example of musicians coming together for no other reason than to play for the sheer pleasure of making music. These two musicians, Sambodhi Prem and Kalyan, are such people. Tthey are not screaming for your attention., nor have they created this music seeking recognition.
 They simply share their experience of the friendliness they feel for each other, through their instruments.
 A unique, relaxing statement.
 Simple, yet complex, eloquent music.

Miten & Deva Premal, world-acclaimed spiritual musicians

‘Cello Circles’: la tranquillité des grands arbres; la délicatesse des fleurs. J’adore!

Betty, La Grande Joie, Québec

Ein klingendes Cello, das sich im großen weiten Raum ausdehnt – das ist das Bild, das in mir entsteht, wenn ich dieser Musik CD von Kalyan und Sambodhi Prem zuhöre. Ein klangvolles Cello vor dem Hintergrund sanfter, sich ausbreitender Töne. Sanfte Töne aller Art, die den Cello-Gesang umfassen und umarmen. Eine gelungene Kombination!

Samarpan, Germany

‘Cello Circles’ is really amazing – such good music; the more I listen, the more I go deeper. The melodies create vast insights deep in my heart.
 I stabilize in that beingness. It’s certainly a kind of healing music in the sense that the sound vibrations give me the inner attitude of having gained all knowledge, having understood what is what. A kind of quietude prevails, a wonderful tranquility. Beingness is transcended yet available at the same time. Thank you Kalyan.

Patrick Bernard, musician and author of ‘Music as Yoga and Discover the Healing Power of Sound’, Canada

Je tiens à te féliciter pour ton CD ‘Cello Circles’. Très inspirant…très beau…bravo! J’écoute cette musique et mon mental se calme et fait place à la paix intérieure. Merci…

Lucie Garneau, Québec

Un autre merci tout particulier pour ‘Cello Circles’, c’est un réel chef-d’oeuvre musical. Cela fait près de 48 heures qu’il joue en boucle chez moi! C’est sublime.

Karin, Québec

A sunset is, after all, just a sunset, and an autumn-tinted maple leaf is, well, just a leaf. However, try to capture in words what they actually ‘are’. Good luck! ‘Cello Circles’ is like that? A gorgeous album meant to be experienced and not defined. Rating: Excellent

Bill Binkelman, Zone Music Reporter, USA